Model Surveys

Model Surveys

The Model Mediation Surveys are a collaborative effort of Resolution Systems Institute and the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution to enable courts to obtain high-quality data for evaluating their programs. Developed by a committee of expert mediation researchers and program administrators, the surveys are meant to be utilized by any court. They were created with civil cases in mind, but can be modified for other types of cases. To assist courts in adapting the forms, each survey includes instructions on its use and commentary for each question. Also included in this dynamic toolkit is a comprehensive overview of the purpose of and use for each survey, as well as detailed instructions on how to modify the surveys when necessary.

The Model Survey toolkit includes:

  1. Overview of the surveys, which outlines how to use them
  2. Party survey
  3. Attorney survey
  4. Mediator report to the court
  5. Mediator confidential survey
  6. Instructions on modifying surveys

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