ADR Handbook for Judges

Susan M. Yates and Donna Stienstra. 2004
This comprehensive handbook provides judges the tools they need to properly establish and manage programs, as well as cases, in particular areas of the law. Covered areas are general civil, small claims, divorce, child protection and dependency, adult guardianship, probate, victim-offender, juvenile/criminal, bankruptcy, mass claims, community mediation, and appellate.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Susan M. Yates and Anne V. Swanson. 2001
This two-volume handbook for lawyers and judges provides both an overview of the processes and their related issues and an in-depth discussion of ADR in specific fields. The volumes include chapters on arbitration and mediation in the fields corporate, commercial, labor, employment, family, community, government agency, medical malpractice, class action, construction and real estate, international, probate and securities law. Also included is an annotated bibliography of ADR resources.

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