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Monitoring and evaluation are key components of any court ADR program. By tracking a program’s performance, judges and court administrators can assess the benefits of the program, identify areas for improvement and keep an eye on mediator quality. Monitoring and evaluation also give courts the data they need to tout their successes and stay accountable to the public.

RSI works with courts, mediation providers and other organizations to:

  • Design systems for monitoring ADR programs:
    • Create post-mediation participant surveys and mediator reports
    • Customize integrated case management and data collection systems
    • Provide optical mark recognition surveys to automatically read responses into a database
    • Provide regular statistical reports on program performance
  • Conduct independent evaluations of court-related mediation programs, including:
    • Complex, comprehensive program evaluations
    • Process evaluations
    • Participant feedback reports
    • Program usage evaluations
    • Multi-site evaluations
We've worked with civil, small claims, foreclosure and child custody mediation programs, as well as a juvenile restorative justice program. Although our work has primarily been in Illinois, we have helped programs throughout the country develop monitoring and evaluation systems.

For more information or to seek any of RSI's monitoring and evaluation services, contact Jennifer Shack at jshack[at]aboutrsi[dot]org. Visit our Program Development page for information about RSI's other services to assist court ADR programs.

We have created monitoring systems for court ADR programs throughout Illinois, including:
  • Customized case management software for use by six foreclosure mediation programs by creating flexible, but uniform fields fore case management and a more robust data collection capability. These allowed the programs to be assessed on the same measures.
  • Provided customized monitoring systems to 12 major civil and small claims mediation programs, two family programs and a US District Court. The systems included reporting and evaluation forms, data collection software and reporting options.
  • Developed participant satisfaction surveys and a database to track outcomes and survey responses for the Cook County Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program.
  • Created surveys and a data entry system for the Champaign County, Illinois, Court Diversion Services' peer jury and victim-offender mediation programs to track the effectiveness of the programs.
  • Created a database for the US District Court for the Northern District of Illinois to help federal magistrates better manage settlement conferences.
We have conducted numerous evaluations of court programs. These projects have helped program administrators improve their programs and ensure that they’re providing quality, efficient services. RSI is currently working with the American Bar Association Section of Dispute Resolution to develop model post-mediation surveys. When they are complete, courts everywhere will have free access to export tools for monitoring their programs’ performance.

Jennifer Shack, Director of Research
312-922-6475 x24