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August 28, 2014 - An Illustrated Walkthrough of Facebook's Online Conflict Resolution System
In the last installment of her posts about Facebook's online conflict resolution system, Mary Novak illustrates the process through some simulated complaints.

August 25, 2014 - How Facebook Designed Its Template-Based Online Dispute Resolution System
In her second post on Facebook’s online conflict resolution system, Mary Novak expands upon the research performed for Facebook by a team of social scientists from Berkeley and presents examples of the conflict resolution templates in place on the website.

August 20, 2014 - Board Member James Alfini Wins Award
RSI congratulates Board Member James Alfini for receiving the Sharon Press Excellence in ADR Award on August 15 at the annual convention of the Florida Dispute Resolution Center. The Award is bestowed to an individual who demonstrates the qualities of visionary leadership, professional integrity and unwavering devotion to the field of alternative dispute resolution.

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